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Sunday, January 9, 2011

These Colors are AWFUL!!! GAK!!!

I've been working on Anniversaries of the Heart - Snow Garden.

Progress January 9
And, like a lot of you, I am NOT in love with the colors that were chosen.  But then, when you think about it, the garden does look very sorry at this time of the year; all brown and gray and parchmenty.  Since it is the block for January, which is when I was born and so the block will have MY initials - and, since it really IS all about me anyway - I decided to tart it up a bit.  The top and side flowers - which I think are the old-style Dutch carnations ( and they are the January flower) - I did in WDW Garnet and Lancaster Red.  I think that those are colors that are actually used someplace else in one of the other months, so it should not clash.  AND, garnet is the January birthstone, so it all sort of goes along.  I think I'll definitely be done by next weekend.  Which means I'll have two more stitchy weeks in January.  I can fill one by doing one of the Lizzie Kate double flips on Christmas Rules.  I figured if I do one a month, I'll be done for next Christmas.  Then I'll have to figure something out for that fourth week each month.  Hmmmmm.....  maybe some actual work on my finishing?

Speaking of being done, done, done with something . . .

Finished 1
Here's that shadow box I got at Michael's for $4.19.  And inside is Spirit of America.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but I just couldn't get myself to do a good one of this piece.  Also, finished this weekend is Spirit of Christmas Stitching (in another super cheap shadow box!)

Finished 2
And here is the 3D effect you get inside the frame  . . .

I am really pleased.  I especially like the way "Christmas" looks in her frame.  While I'm not so happy with the way "America" looks in hers, it's good enough and I'm just so happy to have something completed.  Now on to that wedding gift!  Hope you enjoyed


  1. I really enjoy seeing how everyone is personalizing their AotH. I'm born in January too and I love what you chose to do with yours.

  2. Both shadow box framed projects turned out wonderfully! And I've heard a lot of complaints about Snow Garden. One stitcher solved her problem by putting it on a blue/gray fabric, which looked nice. I like your tarting up of it, though, also.

  3. Wow I love your boxed, framed pictures. Very interesting regarding the colours on Snow Garden. I was gifted with this plus threads at Christmas and was shocked that the colours looked completely different to those on the front page of the chartbook. This got me very worried and have been searching for pictures of it. I notice they are all different to some degree or other. I think what you have done is a lovely touch. x

  4. Your Spirit pieces are great! Love your take on Snow Garden. I have seen so many great personalizations on these BBD designs.

  5. Your framed pics look great! YGG! I like your Snow Garden changes. I kept mine as is but it definitely isn't one of my favorite blocks. I probably wouldn't have stitched it if it wasn't part of the AotH series.

    Thanks for the info on Mt. Vernon! It sounds like I need to make a trip there sometime. I haven't been in eons.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos of Spirit of America and Christmas! I love the shadow box idea and wouldn't have thought of it myself. And it makes me want to dig out my Spirit of Christmas and finish it :)

  7. Gorgeous stitching! The shadow boxes look great. Love the Garnet.

  8. The two ladies look amazing in their deep frames.
    I like the colour changes you've made to Snow Garden, the original colours used have been putting me off from starting this piece so it is nice to see a different version


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