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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well THAT Was Interesting

When I wrote my post about pictures of ourselves I was concerned that I might really make a bunch of people mad.  I should have had more faith in my blogging buddies.  I am really amazed though at the comments I got.  Several people explained to me why they use images that are not their faces.  I appreciate and understand all of them.  Surprisingly, the explanations made sense - except for the frog.  Maybe there's something I'm still not getting on that one?

One thing that lots of you said was that you're the one that is usually behind the camera and so there aren't many pictures of you.  OK, I really understand that.  I am the only woman in a household full of men - including the dogs!  And my men are not all flowerdy in their speech.  I get the occasional "You look nice." but I have to really, really, really look extraordinarily nice to get that.  There are some days when I look in the mirror and think - hey, not bad!  So what I do on those days, if I can, is hand the camera to either my husband or son and say, here, take a picture of me.  Sometimes it will take several shots because they don't pay attention to the blender on the kitchen counter emerging from my shoulder or the telephone pole on the side of the road coming out of my head.  But, we usually get to where I can not only be happy with the shot - but IN the shot as well.

This is not done to soothe my sense of self.  Somehow I think we women sometimes think we're being too full of ourselves to want to be in the picture or asking to have a picture taken of us.  It is just the fact that we're in so few!  I think that the 30's and 40's were the highpoint of us gals having photos done of ourselves.  Back then I think they went to the photographer's studio on the corner and had the shot done "for the folks back home".  But, they still had that photo, no matter who it was "for".  When we're gone, if we've allowed there to be no or few photographs of us, what will our children or future generations have to look at when they want to know us? 

So, if you don't have many pictures of yourselves don't get them taken to put on the web (if you don't want to) but DO have them done for your families.  It's important. 

Glenna did a great job of taking a picture of herself!  I love it!  And Daisy is just a cute thing in her pic!  Glenna did mention something about identity theft that I want her to expand upon.  I've noticed that a lot of the icons are gone and am hoping that new pictures are being generated as we speak.  I, in fact, realized that I've been sporting a new hairstyle for the last six months and haven't had a picture taken of it so I'm going to work on that later this week (when I've washed my hair again!) 

Now, has anyone been noticing something weird about the photos in my posts?  That there are giant ghost images that are duplicates?  Something weird has been going on.  I don't see it on my computer, but it was mentioned to me.  I went into the HTML and that's where I found it.  I've been having trouble getting the images to post.  So, I save a draft then go back into it and post the picture.  What appears is one normal sized picture.  But, apparently the code is done in the HTML that duplicates and enlarges the pic.  I think I've gone back through the posts and fixed this, but if you see it again, can you let me know?  I haven't seen it on any of the blogs I follow so I'm not sure if it's just me it's happening to.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. LOL--I noticed the larger photos in some posts and just thought, "Wow, she really wants us to notice the details in that picture!"--and then looked closely. I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

    My sister in-law made a good point about photos. My husband, who says he's never found a mirror that he doesn't look good in, is always quick to get in photos, but as I told you, I HATE having my photo taken. SIL said that I should get in pics bc otherwise future generations will think it was DH who was always with the kids. I hope they don't think it was JUST him, but it was a good point. I do absolutely HATE my photo being taken but I try to get in here and there. When I pop my clogs and people go through my stuff, they're going to find all these photos of me tucked in books and in drawers, all stuffed there because I thought I looked bad in them. At least I didn't rip them up. ;)

  2. I've never hidden what I look like, and yes I'm making more of an effort to get pictures of myself taken because I am the one behind the camera all the time.

    Now I never pinpoint myself or give away too many details. I also figure if I don't put pictures of myself on my blog one of my blogging friends will just put some up.


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